BitCalm advantages

24/7 online support

Detailed backup statistics

User-friendly web interface for monitoring and configuration

Support for MySQL, (PostgreSQL, MongoDB coming soon)


We transfer all information between your server and BitCalm service through secure channel (TLS with 2048 bit key). In the same way we send all your backed up data to the Amazon S3 storage. This way we protect you from the so-called «Man in the middle» attack (
We send your server’s backed up data directly to the Amazon S3. We do not have access to the transmitted information.

Safe & secure storage (Amazon S3)

Opensource server-side client

All your data is sent to the Amazon S3 through SSL

Client-side files compression & encryption

Storage for backups

We use Amazon S3 to store all your server backups. It’s a highly reliable storage with uptime 99,999%.
Besides, you do not need to register, configure and buy a place on Amazon S3.
The downloading time for 1 GB of data is just 6 minutes. For more information you please refer to:
No additional costs and hidden fees.

OS Support

We support all popular Linux OS: Debian (6+ version), Ubuntu Server (12.04+), CentOS (6.4+).

To install our backup-agent Python 2.6+ has to be installed. Usually it is already installed by default.

How it works

Installation in 30 seconds

Install BitCalm opensource client on your server

Configuration in 30 seconds

Configure files and DB auto backup settings

One click data restore

Easily restore your server data from any backup version


Start with choosing your plan

$20 /mo
Unlimited storage
2 licenses
Online support
7 days free trial
$100 /mo
Unlimited storage
Unlimited licenses
Online support
7 days free trial
$30 /mo
Unlimited backups
Your AWS Storage
3 licenses
Online support
7 days free trial
$50 /mo
Unlimited backups
Your AWS Storage
Unlimited licenses
Online support
7 days free trial

Contact us

If you need more licenses or have specific request on features, just email to

All plans include:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly backups
  • MySQL databases backup
  • Detailed backup reports
  • Email reports and notifications


We’re trusted by our happy users

“Really simple and secure solution for quick and easy VPS data backup configuration.”

Leonid Toshchev

Co-founder & CTO,

“I no longer worry that a programmer forgot to run a backup for one of the projects. Many thanks for backup reports. They are very handy and useful.”

Oleg Balbekov


“For our projects we always needed a simple and reliable backup solution. BitCalm is the one — quick and secure.”

Alexey Krasnov


“This is an excellent technical solution for backups. Regular tasks of backup configuration no longer take so much of my time.”

Theo Chamley



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